Hello my name is Makenzie Ellsworth (soon to be Makenzie Searle) but you can call me Mak!

I am your sun kissed lady who at the core of my being is a total foodie who LOVES people, food and playing. I love cooking healthy food, eating healthy food, talking about food, thinking about food, dreaming about food…okay you get the idea!

Beyond food, I am the happiest when I am moving and playing outside. I believe adults need recess too because when I became a T3 paraplegic at age 15, recreational activities literally saved my mental and physical well-being. Furthermore, play has continued to be what gets me through the toughest phases of my life.

When I am not playing my passion is to help others improve their health so they have the mental and physical energy to THRIVE in their everyday life! 

My coaching philosophy

Gone are the days where you just sit in a room and talk about who you want to be or what you want to do. I am a do-er so welcome a coaching style where we kill two birds with one stone and take action as you are coached. For example, if you sign up for in person Coach + Cook sessions we will be making a recipe together as we carry out your coaching discussion. If your goal is to move more, our in person Coach + Move sessions are designed for at least half of your session to entail simple playful movement like walking or pickleball! If you are a remote client have no fear as I have other strategies to get you to take action during our sessions!

My partner in crime and soon to be husband

Cade Searle is not only part owner of Pumped Up Health but he is soon to be my husband!!! This man is the jelly to my peanut butter and he PUMPS me up everyday to live my life to the fullest. Don't worry you get to meet him next!


Adaptive Mountain Biking, Wheelchair Pickleball, Wheelchair Tennis, Handcycling, listening to podcasts, cooking, growing sprouts, growing microgreens and public speaking

Top 5 VIA Character Strengths

Love of Learning, Perspective, Honesty, Humility, and Social Intelligence

Quote I live by

“Happiness Depends Upon Ourselves” - Aristotle


Masters of Public Health with a specialty in Health Promotion

In the works

Board Certified Health Coaching – Taking the boards in May 2022

                     Pro Plant Based Culinary Certification – Graduating Feb 2022

Work History

          AmeriCorps VISTA, Nutrition Services The Idaho Foodbank, 2013 - 2014

Nutrition Education Specialist, The Idaho Foodbank, 2014 - 2018

          Program Coordinator, St. Luke’s Wellbeing, 2018 - present

          Adjunct Instructor, College of Southern Idaho, 2018 - present  



Hi there! My name is Cade Searle and I’m stoked to be able to help Mak engage you in the Pumped Up Health experience!

I’m a simple guy and like to keep things short and sweet. Most of my days are spent being a physical therapist, but when I’m home with Mak it’s all about fantastic food, experiential cooking, and playful pursuit.

I feel most grounded and content with life when I am outside exploring and pushing myself. I love to dirt bike, ski, and mountain bike among a smattering of other hobbies. I’m an Idaho-grown farm boy at heart which has taught me incredible life lessons like hard work, persistence, and enjoying the process.

Top 5 VIA Character Strengths

Honesty, Humility, Perspective, Prudence, Judgement

Quote I Live By

“Whatever you are, be a good one.” – Abraham Lincoln


Masters in Health and Human Movement

Doctor of Physical Therapy